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How do I compare slides between companies?

Choosing the right waterslide can often be difficult when comparing from one company to the next. The first step is to make sure any company you choose is licensed and insured and when you aren't sure ask them for proof. Next compare reviews and find a company that is well rated but even after you take these first steps how do know who to choose? You can visit five different sites seeing different products and different prices. So how do you know what you are really getting? One site may show a slide as 22ft tall and another site could show a slide that looks the same as only 19ft tall why is that? Well it all comes down to how a slide is measured. Some people measure the tallest point on a slide and go by that measurement. But if the slide has decorations on top say like a palm tree or a log that sticks up 5ft over the top of the slide this way of measurement gives you a false sense of slide height. At Rad Bounce we try to give you an accurate slide height based on the platform height( the seated height at the top of the slide) and over all height. So how does this work? Well its simple lets take a look at the slide a company advertised as 22ft this slide measures 22ft to the top of the logs but it only has an 11ft platform height. At Rad this slide even though it measures 22ft would be advertised as 19ft because of the platform height. The slide shown here on the far left is one of our 20ft slides. This slide has a 20ft overall height and a 12ft platform. This means that our 20ft slide actually gives you more platform height and more fun than our competitors 22ft slide! The slide pictured in the middle is one of our 18ft slides. This slide has a platform height of 10ft and an overall height of 18ft. Some of our competitors have listed a slide just like this as a 19ft slide to lure customers in thinking they are getting a bigger slide for less when they are actually getting the same product. Finally on the far right we have one of our 15ft slides. This slide has an 8ft platform height and an overall height of 15ft. Others have listed this as a 16ft slide but the platform and overall height just does not support such a claim. So why do we list our products this way? Well its simple we want you to have accurate information because we would never want to say a slide is bigger than it is just lure you in. Most importantly we want you and your guests to have as much fun as possible! We want our slides listed accurately so that if you have had a slide from some where else in the past you will be impressed by ours when comparing the two! If you have any questions or need help choosing a slide please let us know. Additionally if we for any reason ever need to refer you to a sister company you can rest assured in knowing that we have vetted their products to be listed accurately as well.